Carmen King

Carmen King student since 2017

Our instructors, Sifu Tony Hollander and Sifu Ed Pettitt, are patient, clear in their instructions, and are invested in their students becoming the best that they can be.
We follow a graded structured system and learn everything with a view to protecting oneself as efficiently and effectively as possible. Wing Chun has been developed to be effective regardless of height, stature, and gender. It has helped reduce my anxiety and improve my confidence. The class has a supportive and positive atmosphere, and helps to leave the stresses of the day behind. It is very enjoyable and well worth the time to learn such an invaluable skill.



Richard Lethbridge


Richard Lethbridge

“Wing Chun has replaced a sporting void that appeared when taking a step back from other activities that were physically less forgiving on my joints. The discipline, training, and fast paced learning is just what I was after. It’s given me a quiet confidence to deal with a variety of situations, while at the same time pushing me out of my comfort zone, helping to provide a realistic training environment.”



Lauren Payen


Lauren Payen student since 2014

“I started going to Wing Chun self defence in 2014 with my partner. We were welcomed by the whole group and felt comfortable as complete beginners. Since then, we have come on leaps and bounds thanks to Sifu Tony’s patient, knowledgeable and encouraging teaching. I now feel I would be able to use a range of self defence moves if I needed them. This is all topped by a great atmosphere while training, with everyone keen to see one other advance.”



Ha NgoHa Ngo student since 2014

“Hi, I’m Ha Ngo. I started learning Wing Chun in September 2014. 10 months on and I have just completed my student level 3. I really look forward to come to the club every Thursday. I have chance to practice with everyone at all levels in the club (a bit nervous at first) but I can guarantee you will never feel lonely here whether you are a total beginner or not. Actions, actions and lots of fun (at least for me) My physical strength and endurance have improved significantly and stronger arms.! I really love the beauty of Wing Chun movements which look straight forward and simple most of the time but hugely effective as self defence and counter attacks. I like it once I get the hang of a sequence and then learn to perfect it in more details.

The best thing is I feel a lot more confident and relaxed than before. All thanks to Wing Chun! So, please don’t wait. Come and join us for a better you!”


Jamie Mew


Jamie Mew

“Wing Chun is a fantastic way to learn a new skill from truly passionate instructors. The partner work makes it a great social too, so all in all a great 2 hours every week.”




Mark Heathcote


Mark Heathcote

“My Martial Art career began with Judo through to my early twenties. I discovered a growing confidence and joy in my ability to defend myself. I soon came to realise however that, although useful, Martial Arts seemed to be designed for competition rather than defence – . I found this restrictive since my whole purpose was self-defence.

Years later I watched some videos of Wing Chun which I found fascinating. Seeing Wing Chun for the first time was like a revelation which relit my fire for Martial Arts.

My passion for Sifu Tony and Sifu Ed’s Wing Chun has grown and grown ever since. It is apparent from the techniques taught that Tony and Ed have huge experience from multiple Wing Chun variants, understand the weaknesses of some other systems and have adapted them to design a unique style which is highly effective. Not only is it effective for self defence, but my power, balance, co-ordination, speed and concentration have all grown immensely. With great pride that I passed my 2nd Technician grade in November 2013 after nearly 8 years of regular training. The system is unrestricted, adaptive, and purely focused on self defence against individuals, multiple attackers, and weapons – very much for modern times.


jenJen. Student since 2010

In class the learning environment is perfect, it is a very friendly and supportive atmosphere, where everyone can learn at their own speed. I have made some great friends at class and look forward to the social events that run through out the year.
I have become more confident and my coordination and fitness levels have improved. The tuition fits my training needs and the instructors have endless patience. I am proud to be part of Wing Chun UK and guarantee you too will gain new skills and make lots of new friends along the way.”



peterPeter Scott-Wilds student since 2008

Classes are great for a number of reasons. Discipline, commitment, strength, confidence, memory and best of all learning self defence.

It is very important to have instructors who are full time professionals and also love what they teach.

I am proud to be a member of Wing Chun UK and would highly recommend for anyone to come and join us.

In one word I would describe what we learn with our Sifu’s is……..AWESOME.”




Liz student since July 2010

“I always had an interest in martial arts and firstly tried karate. Some years later I looked online and after sending an email and signing up for a taster lesson I turned up full of nerves and uncertainty. Walking in the door I realised I had been noticed and it was too late to turn around and go home.

I was greeted by Tony and was instantly put at ease by his welcoming and friendly attitude. I got to work with different students in the class who all inspired me. By the end of the lesson I knew this was definitely the martial art for me and even better the right club for me.
I highly recommend Wing Chun to anyone considering taking up a martial art, it will change your life. I also believe that my personal experience has been made so great by this particular organisation and all the people who are a part of it.”


Mark SteeleMark Steele

“It is my opinion that it is a good idea to know some self defence techniques and hopefully never need them rather than find you’re in a situation where you need them and don’t have any.
I wanted to learn a system that is appropriate for today’s world to improve my confidence and to be able to protect myself if necessary.

Sifu Tony Hollander and Sifu Ed Pettitt are dedicated full time instructors, their apparently endless patience never fails to impress me and their genuine desire to share their knowledge and skill with the students is a key factor as to why we benefit so much from their instruction.



Adam Medhurst 2nd Technician grade of Wing Chun, training for 13 years.

“I am very pleased to be part of Wing Chun UK because of the confidence I have gained through discovering my own capabilities as a student.