Steve Bowler

Wing Chun Instructor Bio

“My Wing Chun journey started a decade ago. My wife and I were looking for a martial art we could both learn together – bearing in mind I’m a foot taller and twice as heavy. A lot of research and there was no competition – it had to be Wing Chun.

It has proved to be a good choice. Wing Chun is as simple or complex, practical or theoretical, hard or soft as you want it to be; good exercise for the body, it can be as stimulating for the mind; practical and useful from Day One but each day offering something new; it is suitable for all ages and sizes (despite, in my case, the wear and tear of past rugby and motorcycling injuries).

In progressing to Technician/Instructor levels, I have been privileged to train with truly inspirational instructors in Sifus Ed and Tony. They have always proved friendly, approachable and willing to share their knowledge to help individual students find their own best course along the Wing Chun path. I try to follow their example.”

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