Sifu Tony

I have now taken the difficult decision to stop full time teaching of Wing Chun. These last few months have allowed the arthritis in me to develop and become uncomfortable.
All these years have been a great experience and I have learnt a lot through teaching too. Seeing students develop, not just in my classes but also those from other groups when grading has made it all very rewarding and worthwhile.
I will still be a part of Wing Chun UK  seen at seminars and gradings when the virus allows our kind of martial art to resume. (And, probable surprise visits to Sevenoaks classes)

Sevenoaks classes will now be managed by Luke Rubens who has been training in private lessons with Sifu Ed and I for some time. Luke has the full support from Mark Heathcote and Wayne Helsdown, both 3rd Technicians and they continue to train Luke up through the high levels. They are all keen to restart when feasible and look forward to seeing you then.
The feedback so far has been positive with students ready and willing to pick up from where they left off.
We anticipate that initially classes will begin once a week when the time is right.

The learning of the Muk Yang Jong (wooden man form) is now available to learn at ANY  student level. See the Hildenborough page for information if interested.

So, until we meet again hopefully in 2021 I wish you the best of health.


Sifu Tony Hollander