Membership Licence and renewals

Membership Renewal is £35 per year from January.

Make your renewal online, pass your licence on to your instructor to have it updated.

Wing Chun UK   (sometimes one word)
Sort Code: 09-01-27
Account Number: 24422732


As a member you will need a Wing Chun UK Licence Membership book. This covers you as a student for member to member indemnity insurance up to the maximum sum of £1 million (if you wish you can naturally arrange  higher cover for yourself.)

The Wing Chun UK membership book also acts as a record for your grading achievements.

There is a sliding scale for new members depending on start dates.
January £35
February £35
March £35
April £35
May £35

June £25
July £25
August £25
September £25

October      £35 includes to end of following year
November £35 includes to end of following year
December £35 includes to end of following year