James Burgess

Wing Chun Instructor Bio

“My introduction to the Martial Arts was, like so many before me, inspired by watching both the likes of Jet Li on film and the UFC on television. Due to the latter, I chose Jiu-Jitsu as my introduction to training Martial Arts at a club whilst at university. In 2001 I began training in the Russian sport of Sombo, Combat Sombo (a full-contact variant of Sombo), and Mixed Martial Arts.

In 2003 my instructor introduced me to Yip Man Wing Chun, which immediately hooked me with its focus on the non-sporting, “real”, elements of fighting without any notion of competition. This led me to seek full-time training from Sifu Tam Woon Biu in China. I returned to the UK and continued training the Weng Chun Kung Fu system until I began training under Sifu Ed Pettitt both in class and as a private student from 2005. Reaching 4th Technician level in September 2016.

I began teaching my first class in September 2009 as both the next progressive step in my learning and in order to spread my knowledge of this system to others.”

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