Hildenborough Wing Chun

Learn the Muk Yang Jong in Hildenborough

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Students of Wing Chun UK are welcome, regardless of level to learn the Muk Yang Jong (Wooden Dummy Form)  from Sifu Tony Hollander.
Here in the quiet of a purpose made gym at his home in Hildenborough there is the time for many questions and explanations.
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Who is this for?

Existing members that train in class regularly.

Lesson times available by appointment

Instruction is given to two students at a time £30 per person for one and a half hours. One hour spent under instruction and half an hour to remain and practice together. Each session will cover one element of the form, maybe more, depending on individual progress.


The VenueHildenborough WingChun (1024x768)
Hildenborough Wing Chun Gym
3 Stocks Green Road
TN11 9AD


Sifu Tony Hollander