Ed Pettitt

Wing Chun Instructor Bio

I began martial arts training with Judo as a child and later, in my teens, I trained for some time in Shotokan Karate before discovering Wing Chun under the United Kingdom Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (UKWCKFA). My Instructor later branched off to form the NWCA.

1990. First started training in Wing Chun with UKWCKFA

1999. Began teaching Wing Chun.

1999. The NWCA merged with the EWTO becoming The National WingTsun Organisation-GB (NWTO). I continued teaching this system part-time until being offered a full-time teaching opportunity.

2003 to 2006. Head Instructor teaching six days a week at the full-time NWTO-GB Headquarters in Tonbridge, Kent.

2006. Received ‘Sifu’ title from the EWTO.

2007. Sifu Tony Hollander and I set up Wing Tchun Schools

2008. My training partner and I merge Wing Tchun Schools with IAW (ex EWTO)  and become Head Instructors of IAW-UK

2008. Received ‘Sifu’ title from the IAW.

2013. Sifu Tony and I decided, finally, to set off on our own path and from 2013 we have taught under the name of Wing Chun-UK and continue to slowly develop our syllabus. Sifu Tony and I continue to train together and teach classes on a weekly basis and are very proud of the standard of the Instructors and students of Wing Chun-UK. For more see Wing Chun our Way

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