Fund raising event

Saturday 6th November saw a fund raising event with Sifu Tony at Hildeborough with all money raised going towards Duchenne research via “Chasing Connors Cure”. A massive thank you to all the students who took part. ¬†An interesting and rewarding day with students training¬†programs and some extra unusual application possibilities.

Fund Raise 1

Technician Grading 2016

Saturday 15th October saw the arrival of four new first Technician grades. Sam Webber, Mark Steele, Wayne Helsdown and David Carlton achieved the level first technician and with it the responsibility of always demonstrating the high standard that it infers. They have all worked hard over the past years to reach this stage. We congratulate them and wish them well as they now strive for the next, no easy task.

Technician grading 2016

Rapid Response Training Seminar

What an excellent start to this specialised series of seminars, with many applications taken from parts of the highest levels in Wing Chun. Everyone enjoyed themselves while they worked and sweated their way through the three hours. This was structured with enough time to really practice each element before going to the next. Scenarios covered assaults from opponents with stick then knife also through grabbing and punching. Look out for the next.

Rapid 1

Rapid 2

Rapid 3

Anniversary Grading Seminar

A special grading seminar for all student levels to celebrate Sifu Ed and Tony’s first ten years of full time professional partnership. The event was well attended despite many who could not make it through travel and work. The training was intense, the standard again very high, the enthusiasm there in buckets and the sweat flowed. The students again made their instructors proud by stepping up that extra gear. After a welcome mid-break for re-hydration and nutrition the seminar continued with a variety of applications from the first five student levels. At the end we had a chance to mix and chat with more sugar intake from some beautiful cakes supplied by the wife of Craig Collins. Thank you very much as ever for all your support and making Wing Chun Uk the hard working, high performing and friendly organisation that it is becoming well known for.

Anniversary grading 2016


Anniversary grading 2016 2


Anniversary grading 2016 6


Anniversary grading 2016 5


Anniversary grading 2016 4


Anniversary grading 2016 3

March Gradings 2016

March saw another run of gradings during the week, culminating on Saturday 12th with intermediate and senior students grading. Technicians tested over six hours and displayed with great endurance and vigour non stop precise programs from start to finish. Well done to everyone who tested and special congratulations to Jim Marshall, Dan O’Brien and David Mallett on achieving the First Technician level. And also to James Burgess who passed exceptionally well for the fourth Technician Level.

Grading March 2016 1

Technician Grading March 2016

Sevenoaks and Kings Hill end of year celebration

A great way to enjoy the end of 2015. Here at the Spice Club in Sevenoaks, good food and great company. 2015 has been a very busy year for us all with the introduction of applications into the syllabus it has given our system even more clarity than it already had. I look forward to another great year in 2016. Thank you to all the students of Wing Chun Uk, you are what makes us great.

Christmas Meal 2015 Spice Club

November Gradings 2015

A fantastic couple of weeks of gradings. With lots of enthusiasm from everyone who entered. Well done to you all.
Also special congratulations to Siraj Chowdhury (Swoz) for achieving 1st technician and to Sam Webber the pre Primary (pre Tech) Level.

November High level grade 2015

November 2015 Grading