Christmas Meal at Zizzi

Instructor Luke arranged an evening out to celebrate the end of the year. What a great evening at Zizzi in Sevenoaks we had, giving time to relax and socialise celebrating another good year with the Sevenoaks Knole group.


New Technician Grades

Our congratulations to Steve Barker now 3rd Technician and Luke Rubens 1st Technician who took their grading last night, completing everything we asked very well. These two, when permitted trained through much of the pandemic masked up, meet together most weeks on top of class training and have their private lessons with Ed. All their efforts and hard work shone through. You have our respect. Sifu Ed and Tony

July Grading 2022

Well done to all those that graded at Sevenoaks Knole Academy, all worked hard throughout the evening. Well done Sihing Luke for bringing the guys along to such a good standard. Some unfortunately absent through covid will be arranged soon for you.


November Grading 2021

The first Grading in a long time at Sevenoaks Knole. We cannot say enough about how well this class performed and it showed clearly that Luke and his senior instructors truly understand what is necessary for students to do well, all working hard in a very happy environment. There was a great atmosphere sweat was created with their efforts. Really, well done to all you the students and our sincere thanks to Luke for his sincerity in maintaining the standards and keeping Sevenoaks going forwards.








Sevenoaks Knole

It is great to hear that Sevenoaks Knole classes are going, and growing so well. The feedback I receive is so very positive. Now with some twenty students regularly attending the class it shows what good choice of leadership with, Luke managing very ably with  Mark and Wayne. It is good that you as students have trust in them as I do. These men indeed know a lot !

I have a good time when Luke and Steve visit me for wooden dummy training  and immerse themselves in it’s complexity, I look forward to their visits,  as I look forward to visiting Knole Academy soon in October. See you then !!

Sifu Tony