July 2017 Grading

What an excellent week of grading. Ending on Saturday with many turning out to test. It was an extremely hot day and for those testing for Pre primary and technician levels for six hours it was an endurance test training so intensely in that heat.

Well done to everybody. Especially Joe, Liam, Steve and Maurice reaching Pre primay and to Craig, Second Technician and Sihing Dan with his fourth Technician. You all did so well.

Rapid Impact Seminar May 2017

Another excellent afternoon of dynamic training. More applications from all elements of the Wing Chun system. Knife, Stick, counter throwing and much more. And you will see from some of the pictures the ladies really getting into it.

March 2017 Grading

Well done to every one who tested for their respective grades on this second week in March. It always really impresses us how everyone increases their “fire” on these occasions, really delivering an exceptional standard at all levels. But, here is a special mention to Kallen Newick to which we give a distinction on his level one and two grade, his concentration, power, preciseness and delivery shone out, especially by being at this level and was recognised by us as the evening progressed. Distinctions are extremely rare and Kallen should be extra proud of this achievement.
Well done to you all, we look forward to seeing you in four months time and more so to those who decided not to test this time around to give themselves that extra time to develop.

Rapid Impact Training Seminar

The second of these specialised series of seminars, with applications taken from throughout the Wing Chun system. Everyone worked their way through the three hours experiencing new possibilities. Scenarios covered assaults from opponents with stick then knife also through grabbing and punching and kicking. Look out for the next.

Rapid 2.1

Rapid 2.2

Rapid 2.3

Pre Primary grading

Special congratulations to Dan Anketell-Jones and Nick Leeves who passed their pre Primary (Pre Technician) level today 28th January 2017. Really good testing at Hildenborough. A lot was was well demonstrated and a lot was learnt. Well done guys.


Sevenoaks and Kings Hill Christmas Meal

Another year comes to an end and we revisited the Spice Club for our end of year celebration.                                                                          
Lots of familiar faces and many new ones, great to see so many there. Great to be part of such a happy and enthusiastic organisation.

Christmas Meal 2016 Spice Club

Fund raising event

Saturday 6th November saw a fund raising event with Sifu Tony at Hildeborough with all money raised going towards Duchenne research via “Chasing Connors Cure”. A massive thank you to all the students who took part.  An interesting and rewarding day with students training programs and some extra unusual application possibilities.

Fund Raise 1