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Student Syllabus

Student syllabus PDF

A simplified overview of our student syllabus for you to see how the levels progress and structure that we follow.


Terminology PDF

Our main aim in compiling this list was to keep the most common names we have been using for many years so as not to cause unnecessary confusion (there are a number of variations of many of the terms) and to settle on the simplest spelling for each for ease of pronunciation. Also, for simplicity, we have used the general terms, listed first, to connect our terminology where appropriate. Translations do vary, so in many ways what we have here are simply the versions that best describe the physical movement as we do it, to help our students learn and understand our syllabus.



Listed below are the key applications (but by no means all) for each level of our syllabus. The applications are a mixture of Wing Chun defences and attacks against both Wing Chun and non-Wing Chun opponents.

Student Level Applications

Applications 1-5 PDF

Applications 6-10 PDF

Technician Applications

Applications Sections 2,3,4 PDF

Applications Sections 5,6,7 PDF

Applications Biu Sections PDF