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Is Wing Chun good for women?
Wing Chun is an excellent martial art for women because we do not rely on brute force, but on good technique and efficient body movement. Women train in exactly the same way as the men and experience the same results.

How long are the lessons?
You will see in each club page that ALL our classes run for two hours on their specific evening. This is the optimum amount of time to learn. Importantly most of our instructors provide two evenings every week offering 16-20 hours every month of quality Wing Chun tuition.

How much does it cost?
Your first lesson is totally free so you can experience the class and see what Wing Chun has to offer you. The lesson costs vary a little from group to group depending on how many times you train and venue charges. Please contact the instructor of your local class directly for this information on contact the instructor

What makes the Wing Chun UK Self Defence organisation so popular?
The organisation head instructors have over 60 years of combined experience in Wing Chun and have developed this system from the best of their knowledge from three very different wing chun styles.

What can I expect in the training?
The classes are fun and challenging! in a friendly environment where students engage in a wide variety of drills, exercises, and strength training routines. Example of class lesson on the Video page. And, see our Lessons page and what is special about wing chun on our articles page for lots more. 

Do I need a licence like most other Martial Arts?
Yes, a licence is important for recording your progress and as a grading record. It costs just £35 per year. Licence Membership Information

Are there any videos to aid learning?
Yes, we have a video to assist with learning our very precise first form Siu Nim Tao. (Little idea) download . And the second form Chum Kiu (Seeking the bridge) download .

Do you offer NHS staff discounts?
Yes, for the NHS we offer one whole month free training once registered as a member. This in addition to the first FREE taster session.

NHS discounts uk

What should I wear?
For your introductory lesson, wear jogging bottoms, t-shirt, and trainers. Once you decide to join the group class, there is a required uniform that consists of the official Wing Chun T-shirt and black training trousers.

Is there a grading syllabus?
Yes there is an 11 level student syllabus. 1-4 beginner program (core self defence principles) 5-8 intermediate, 9-11 advanced level 12. Following these we have Technician Levels for very advanced students. Gradings are every four months so you can really see how you are progressing.

Do you train weapons?
Yes, we train weapon defence as part of our advance syllabus. (knife and stick). All of our student programs hold the key weapon elements of the Wing Chun system in it’s strategy and body dynamic.

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