Become an instructor

Do you have what it takes to be an instructor?

It is possible for any Wing Chun UK students with the desire and ability to go on to teach their own group. It is recognisable with individuals if they have the right traits and often they find themselves already assisting their main instructor in evening classes.  Most students wish to be just the best they can be at Wing Chun their chosen past time. Others want to go that step further and it has to be in the character of the individual.

There are instructor training sessions available to attend which are completely necessary to eventually become a group leader.

Teaching is not for everyone. It is a very big responsibility to take on. Once a student has spent many months assisting in class and becoming ready to then open their own group and teach. The Head instructors of Wing Chun UK will spend many hours making completely sure they have a complete and clear knowledge and understanding of all the student programs on each and every point.

Wing Chun UK

It is imperative to us that we maintain our highest standard of instruction throughout the Wing Chun UK organisation. To teach your own group you need to be at least Student level 12/ PPL (Pre Technician). We also have a ten mile radius rule in place so each new school has its own area to give the instructor security and the best chance of growing. Wing Chun UK will help you in every way possible to make your classes a success.