Wing Chun UK July Gradings

On Saturday 19th July Tunbridge Wells held another grading for those able students testing for level 5-11. Everyone demonstrated excellent progress in their respective levels since their last testing experience four months ago. Very well done. Diamonds in the making.

Grading 19.07.14









In addition to those students Peter Jackson achieved the 3rd Technician level. This gruelling all day session in 30+ degree temperature was no easy feat as Peter covered his complete syllabus. student levels 1-5, chi sau sections 1-7 and then biu jee chi sau sections 1-6. And all with fight applications. Our sincere congratulations to him.


Peter Jackson 3rd Technician

Peter Jackson 3rd Technician






Congratulations also to all those who tested student levels 1-4 on 16th and 17th July at Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells. Despite the very hot and humid weather everyone trained solidly and produced some very good examples of their student programs.

Grading SevenoaksGrading Tunbridge Wells