Technician and Pre Primary grading June 2014


Our congratulations go to Jen Gosnell, Liz Tyrer, Andrew Lucas and Gary Starling for achieving the level of Pre-Primary in Wing Chun

It is very rare for any student to complete all of the student programmes and Jen and Liz are the first of our women to reach this high level in our Wing Chun system. This is especially rare as the training and testing becomes increasingly intense and dealing with often physically larger and heavier male training partners added to their challenge. They are a real example to all students.

Pre Primary Levels

Many do not even arrive at this stage so it shows their real commitment and will to succeed. Andrew, Gary, Liz and Jen have all been training consistently for over 4 years to reach this level rarely missing a class and often training together out of class.






Sifu Tony Hollander and Sifu Ed Pettitt