Wing Chun UK Grading March 2014

Well done to everyone that tested this month. The high standard was there to be seen by all and the hard work over the last four months paid off. Congratulations.

Looking forward to seeing you all againĀ at the seminar on Saturday April 5th at Tunbridge Wells




The Power of Wing Chun comes not just from your skills but also your self-belief. That, combined with a good understanding of your body structure and its dynamics. Really believing in yourself is key to knowing what you are capable of. Here, Sifu Tony Hollander, at 10 stone (63kg) manages to hold off Darren at 16 1/2 stone (104kg), at times standing on one leg.

We at Wing Chun-UK aim to instil this in all our students, guiding individuals to develop their Wing Chun skills, self-belief and a strong heart. This use of body dynamics and additionally being more aware of themselves ultimately aid in defeating the opponent with better stability and stronger techniques.

This is our way. We train the best and so become the best. Leading you to the knowledge that you are not a push over by others who try to move or control you not just in your Wing Chun but also in life.