At Wing Chun-UK we teach a clearly-structured self-defence system. All of our Instructors are highly experienced and are dedicated to your progression in both physical ability and technical understanding. Whether you are a complete novice, or you have experience in Wing Chun or any other martial arts, we offer a complete self- defence martial art that is not only effective, but fascinating to learn

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Wing Chun UK clubs are located throughout Kent and Sussex:   High Brooms Sevenoaks¬†Knole¬†Academy Brighton and Lewes Crowborough Tonbridge Hildenborough

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Watch our Wing Chun videos and get a taste for our self defence system. Here are examples of how classes are trained, parts of our sequences, fast applications, extracts from the Wooden Dummy Form in slow motion and some Wooden

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If you are keen to find out more about our unique Wing Chun self defence system then why not come along to a FREE trial lesson. Come along, take part and speak to your local instructor also you have the

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More about this incredible Martial Art: Wing Chun is a self-defence martial art, originally from China, so it comes under the generic Kung Fu banner. The system, based on adaptability, speed and directness, is suitable for all regardless of stature.

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How Wing Chun is taught: Forms. There are six traditional Forms (fixed movement patterns) in Wing Chun: Siu Nim Tau (Little Idea) The first form we teach contains many of the fundamental defensive and attacking arm/hand techniques of Wing Chun.