Dan Grace

Wing Chun Instructor Bio

“I began training in martial arts when I was around 8 years old, attending a judo club after a friend of my father suggested the idea. I stayed with the art for a few years before the club moved on, after which my attention went to karate. However, I found its repetition of forms tiresome & somewhat redundant of self-defence application.

It was only a number of years later after being bullied at school that I sought some form of self defence, first turning to boxing, then mixed martial arts and finally a Wing Chun club at my school. This was the first time I had seen a system that had a level of complexity, logic and effectiveness in application, which compelled me to continue. Since then I have remained on the Wing Chun path, fortunately finding Sifu Ed & Sifu Tony some years ago; their knowledge & dedication to the art has enabled me to further develop my skills & understanding of this intriguing system.”






4rd Technician June 2014

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