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Logical Self Defence

The martial art Wing Chun is a self defence system, originating in China. The system is based on efficiency of movement and sound anatomical logic, coupled with speed and power. In our classes we aim to provide every student, regardless of previous experience, with the techniques to deal with common self defence situations from day one. Our Instructors are dedicated to passing on their extensive knowledge in a clear and interactive way, and to that end we have a logically-structured syllabus which takes our students through the system step by step.

As a student starting with Wing Chun you will learn simple and effective techniques from the very first lesson and after only a few months you will feel stronger and more confident in your abilities. As you progress, the technical depth of Wing Chun will gradually become clear and it is our hope that you will find not only improved physical capabilities, but also a passion for the art that will give you both enjoyment and motivation for a long time to come.

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